How does it work? 
To create and order your own unique wooden city map is easy.
Go to our design tool and see for your self. You can choose a country, a city or any place in the world. 
Choose freely
Search for your desired location or move the map to an exact area. It can be a city, a country, yes anywhere!
Design it
Customize your map by choosing size, orientation, background & frame.
Personal touch
Make it extra by adding your own text. You can even ask us for a free icon to be added to mark your house or a special spot with a heart.
Finalize order
You can see how your product will look like and add any extra requests at check-out. 
We will send your map the following day. 

Design now
Wooden City Map
A Wooden map is not only a map. Nor a painting. It is a personal piece of wall art with a unique design, created to remember a place or an important occasion somewhere. Simply, it is a place that matters to you.
Where where you born? Where do you live? Where did you meet and got married? The possibilities are endless when you create your own city map. The fact that it is made of wood adds to the beauty and x-factor. Be sure that this will be highly appreciated as a gift and most likely the stand out the most.

Which place do you choose?
4 Different frames
Choose between walnut, oak, black and white.
Swedish wood
We use birch plywood of best quality.
Deep blue water, no background to see your wallpaper or opt for premium aluminium.
Computer designed, laser cut, sandpapered before being oiled, glued together and framed.
Add an icon
Do you want to mark a spot close to your heart? We can add coloured icons for free.
Add any text
You can add up to 2 lines of text. E.g. the city name and the date you met your love.