About us


The company was started by two long running friends and former pilots. Like for so many others in the aviation business Covid-19 forced them down to earth. They found themselfs landed in the forest opening their eyes to the beauty and warmth of wood as a material. The aviation industry has now grown back and they are both back up in the air again and the business has been taken over by Anders & Monica who is now operating it with the same values as the founders.

By combining advanced engineering machines with natural materials we are able to produce high end products. The love for travel and technology made it possible to offer you the best way to remember your favourite city. Where are your favourite spots to visit, your hometown or where you fell in love, it will always be there on your wall. Reminding you of a happy place.

Our vision is to bring more wood into people´s homes in the shape of innovative and beautiful design.

We are inspired by Scandinavian modern minimalism and our mission is to wow people with our interior design.


Where others see sustainability we think it should be responsibility. We all have a responsibility to be sustainable. We only use Swedish wood without toxins. Our premium background is made from recycled aluminium and for every product we sell we plant a tree through VI SKOGEN. Planting trees in East Africa not only helps our atmosphere but also brings people out of poverty. All for a better planet.